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      Marquette Area Public Schools to provide students with Chromebooks

      CORRECTION: The devices being provided are Chromebooks, not iPads.

      The Marquette Area Public School Foundation is at the halfway point in their plan to provide Marquette 5th graders with Chromebooks for use at school.

      The organization presented a check for $50,000 to the school superintendent, William B. Saunders, on Friday.

      That's half of the $100,000 needed to buy a Chromebook for every Marquette 5th grader.

      The foundation president said in an age of evolving technology, the education process has to evolve too.

      "Students at this age are so into technology. I could tell you about when I started to teach in the last century...that would be boring. But technology is so much more a part of it today than it was then." said foundation president Tom Baldini.

      So far $70,000 total have been raised, with the final payment to be made next month.