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      Marquette Area Skate Plaza needs help for expansion

      The Marquette County Community Foundation is looking to expand the skate plaza, but they need help to make it happen and they are running out of time.

      The skate park committee plans on adding landscaping, benches, skate-able art and embedded signage to recognize the community. Through a crowd funding campaign, they need to raise $10,000. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation plans to match that amount, but only if they raise the $10,000 in full. The committee has to raise the money before September 27.

      â??By building a skate plaza for these kids we are providing them with a healthy environment where they can hone in on their skills in a safe placeâ?? said Nheena Weyer Ittner, committee member for the Marquette Area Skate Plaza.

      For information on how you can donate, visit their website: If you would like to donate in person, checks can be made payable to the Marquette County Community Foundation and earmarked to the Skate Plaza Crowd Funding Campaign.