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      Marquette art festivals come to a soggy end

      The wet weather Sunday certainly put a damper on the last day of both Art on the Rocks and the Outback Art Fair in Marquette.

      Both festivals were trying to stay afloat in the rain, but they both had their share of weather-related problems which did them no favors.

      "It's raining and pouring and the participation is very slow. We've had probably three kids come in and do some art today. Vendors are leaving" said Wendy Johnson with Art on the Rocks.

      "The top (of the tent) got saturated and would condense on the metal bars and drip down right smack in the middle of everything" said U.P. author Deborah Frontiera with the Outback Art Fair.

      But in spite of everything, more than a few customers braved the storm for both festivals looking for some art to take home with them.