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      Marquette asks what's it worth?

      Marquette General Hospital may soon be one of Marquette's largest taxpayers. Monday night, the city commission approved the hiring of MR Valuation Consulting, a New Jersey-based assessor, to appraise the taxable value of MGH.

      MGH has been a non-profit entity and, as such, was tax exempt. With the sale of MGH to Duke Lifepoint in September, MGH will now pay taxes.

      "We're hiring a company that is a professional firm at appraising industrial properties such as this, so it's a big endeavor. It's very costly to do, but it's worth getting it right," said Marquette Mayor John Kivela. "We want to be very fair; we don't want them to pay more in taxes than they should or less in taxes than they should."

      The cost of the appraisal is about $72,000. They expect to have it completed in December. MGH could begin paying taxes as soon as 2013.