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      Marquette Blues help with New Year's returns

      The Marquette Blues legion baseball team is taking advantage of New Year's Day by rounding up bottles and cans to help them raise money for the upcoming baseball season. After New Year's, members of the team go door to door in the Marquette area and ask for people's returnables.

      The team brings the cans and bottles down to grocery stores where they recycle them. The money raised goes to help the team pay for new equipment and travel expenses.

      "We usually pick this day for that reason. A lot of people don't want to deal with the aftermath of celebrating New Year's Eve, and these guys are nice and young and ready to go early in the morning," said Randy Larson of the Marquette Blues. "We used to do spaghetti feeds and pancake breakfasts; they're a lot of fun and a lot of camaraderie, but you don't get a whole lot of cash after your expenses."

      This is the team's largest fundraiser for the year. They usually raise between $1,100 and $1,500.