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      Marquette budget approved, school still in the red

      The Marquette Area Public School Board unanimously agreed on a budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year. The school board broke down the budget into where the money was spent last year in a PowerPoint presentation. The board laid out where the budget deficit was in March at $2.4 million and how it has since decreased to $729,000. The new budget plan includes cutting up to three teachers, and seventeen may be moved from full-time to part-time or have schedule changes.

      "Public education is not being adequately funded by the state right now. We're still being funded by 2005-2006 levels and being asked to pay salaries, and benefits, and utilities at 2011, 2012 figures, which is difficult, which is why you're seeing staff reductions, not only in our district, but every district," said MAPS Board President, Scott Brogan.

      The board is required by the state to come up with a budget plan by June 30.