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      Marquette church throws a block party

      The First United Methodist Church in Marquette threw a block party for the whole neighborhood Sunday.

      The church invited everyone to attend. They call it the 2nd annual Discover Marquette Block Party. The church is continuing the tradition after such a successful event last year. There were games around every corner and plenty of food to go around. Visitors were also able to enjoy some live music. Pastor Alan Hanson is brand new at the church and says the block party is a chance to get to know Marquette.

      "Just a great opportunity to meet folks for me being new, and I think that's the reason we want to do it--just reach out and let folks know we care about them," said Pastor Hanson.

      The church also invited the Marquette City Police K-9 Unit to visit. Frodo and Scud were a huge hit with the kids.