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      Marquette Cinema finally open

      After months of construction, Thomas Theatre's Marquette Cinema is ready for the public.

      It's a 32,000 square foot building with ten all digital screens, but expandable for up to fourteen.

      "A combination of, I'm very very proud and I'm very very relieved. We're finally here we're finally able to open the doors and let customers come in and see what the TSX and VIP theater is all about," said Thomas Andes, Thomas Theatre Group.

      In a special gathering president of Thomas Theatre Group, Thomas Andes talked about all the unique features incorporated in the building.

      There's a large format screen measuring 35 feet by 60 feet, known as the Thomas Superior Experience as well as a rentable VIP room with thirty seats, which is a scaled down version of the TSX.

      "You're going to be immersed in the movie. You're going to feel the vibration of the sound. You're going to feel Godzilla walk across the room. You're going to be immersed in the movie, which is something you can't replicate anywhere else, but in a movie theatre," Andes said.

      Rooms are filled with leather high back stadium style seats, and VIP seating for more comfort and space.

      They are also equipped with a vision and hearing impaired system.

      Andes says the project is more than just a top of the line theater, it's about continuing to grow Marquette county, and creating local jobs.

      More than thirty-five companies were contracted for the project with the majority from the U.P.

      "Relief. It's been a long winter, this project had several challenges, just basically relief. We're glad to see everybody coming in and movies showing," said Rob Berg, Project Superintendent, Gundlach Champion.

      They also have a party for people to rent, and a drive thru.

      For ticket prices click here.