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      Marquette city budget passed and improvements begin

      Washington Street blocked off

      The city of Marquette passed a $20 million budget in May for 2013 and 2014.

      The city said the last fiscal year ended successfully without having to make any cuts, tax or fee increases, and the year also ended with some revenue.

      This year, the city has plenty of projects in the works.

      "We're just finishing up east Washington Street, that's between Front Street and Lakeshore. We replaced all of the water and sewer and storm utilities, and we put in some pedestrian-friendly crossings with bump outs at Front Street," said Keith Whittington, city engineer.

      Construction to the water and sewer pipes on Allouez Road, Cedar Street, and Altamont Street are in the beginning stages. Also, a one-mile stretch of Washington Street will be resurfaced, but the city of Marquette is not stopping there.

      "This year the city commissions identified a couple of other projects that are of interest to the community. One is to get a sense of what the status of the ore dock's health and state of repair might be. We're going to take a look at that to make sure in the event there's other community interest in doing things with it, that it's going to be safe and sound and ready," said Marquette City Manager Bill Vajda.

      The other project is a traffic study where the city will look at the timing of the lights and flow of traffic.

      Marquette will also continue to look for grant opportunities to help improve the city.