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      Marquette City Commissioners conduct facilities tour

      Budget meetings are right around the corner, and itâ??s time to see what is running smoothly and what may need a little work.

      â??Every year thereâ??s a huge list of requirements for the City Commissioners to look at for purchase and investmentâ?? said Frederick Stonehouse, Marquette Mayor Pro Tem. â??This is our opportunity to look at those particular items that might be coming up for budget this season.â??

      The Marquette City Commission conducted a city facilities tour on Friday to see places around town that may need renovations. The Commission met at the Citizens Forum Room at Lakeview Arena before looking at more upgrades the arena needs. Two years ago the arena underwent the replacement of more energy-efficient lighting.

      â??The upgrades are doing well right now, but there are other areas of the arena that are wearing out and need to be replacedâ?? said Dave Campana, City Commissioner.

      The seats are very old, some of them the original bleachers from the arena. The Commission also hopes to replace the boards in the rink and add signs around Lakeview Arena to help people navigate the building. The Zambonis also need to be made more energy-efficient.

      â??We also had the change to look at the water processing plant as well as what we have in our Department of Public Works, especially concerning our heavy equipment for winter operationâ?? said Stonehouse.

      This is only the second year that the City Commission has done a facility tour, but hopes to continue it in the future to help with the decision-making process.

      â??Itâ??s the first time that Iâ??ve been in these buildings and the first time Iâ??ve seen this equipmentâ?? said Campana. â??When it comes time to determine where you allocate the money in the budget, you have a better idea.â??

      The annual audit for the city will be presented Monday night and then the budget will ultimately be decided in August.