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      Marquette City Hall to be home to UPSET

      The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team or UPSET has reached a deal with the City of Marquette Tuesday that will allow them to share space in City Hall.

      The City's Commission unanimously approved the move during their meeting Tuesday. The deal will bring the team into the lower levels of City Hall. UPSET will pay $750 per month in rent to the city.

      UPSET covers most of the Upper Peninsula and works to enforce state drug laws in several ways, including undercover operations and cleaning up meth sites. City Commissioners see a big upside to the new deal.

      "I think this is a really positive development to be working with UPSET, of course we're part of the UPSET organization and they were looking for new headquarters, we're going to help fill part of that need," said City Commissioner Don Ryan. "This really just brings more law enforcement into our community, it's really important that we be able to keep this program going."

      In other business the Commission also approved an application for a Community Development Grant for the Delft Theatre project. They also reached an agreement on the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Land Acquisition project, moving the Clark Lambros Beach Park project further along.