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      Marquette competes against downstate communities in exercise challenge

      The MI Big Green Gym Blues Community Challenge is almost over, and Marquette is poised to take first place.

      The challenge is a competition to see which city can log the most miles and hours of physical activity. Marquette is up against Kalamazoo and Grand Traverse communities downstate. The winning team will win $10,000 for health and wellness programs.

      Marquette has logged about 26,000 miles as of Thursday and is in the lead by almost 2,000 miles. The challenge is organized through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Recreation and Parks Association, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

      Officials say it's more about promoting healthier lifestyles than winning a contest.

      "Just to get people out and to get people moving, and we hope that people continue that well past the challenge because that's good for Michigan and it's good for the communities," said Team Marquette Admin, Jon Swenson.

      The challenge ends this Saturday. Anyone can help by logging any activity. You can find out more information on the Marquette City Website here.