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      Marquette County Board Hopes for FEMA Aid

      The Marquette County Board was updated tonight on the possibility of getting aid from FEMA to repair damage from the winter freeze. The freeze caused $5 million in damage for Marquette County and $14.7 for the entire U.P. This exceeds their threshold by about $1 million. The county is hoping to get Michigan State Emergency Management to see if FEMA will come do a preliminary damage assessment.

      "They will go through and see what qualifies, what doesn't qualify, what they should have added, what they can't add," Marquette County emergency Management Coordinator Teresa Schwalbach said."Then they'll add those totals up and if it still exceeds that threshold then they will do a report and submit it to Washington to hopefully possibly get a Presidential Declaration."

      While there is no timetable for the assessment the county hopes to get information from FEMA in the next couple of months.