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      Marquette County Board plans meeting for severance tax

      Tuesday the Marquette County Board addressed a mining severance tax that could have a multi-million dollar impact in Marquette county. As proposed, the severance tax would change the amount of money Marquette county receives from taxes on mining operations.

      This would include the Rio Tinto Eagle Mine in northern Marquette county. County officials have prepared a letter to the state of Michigan aimed at getting all interested parties together for a meeting.

      "The letter is asking the state of Michigan, the mining industry, the schools, the county, the townships to come together as a group, make decisions and to help weed through the proposals," said Marquette County Chairwoman Deborah Pellow. "And hopefully we can come up with a consolidated proposal to go back to the Governor on the severance tax."

      The board unanimously approved the letter with a few minor changes. The timetable for the meeting has not been sent.