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      Marquette County Earns World Class Mountain Biking Distinction

      Marquette County is now being recognized as a world class mountain biking destination. The International Mountain Biking Association has named Marquette County a Bronze Ride Center. Marquette is now one of only 27 Bronze Ride Centers around the world. Other locations include Italy, Australia, Utah and the U.P's own Copper Harbor.

      "We've become world class in mountain biking, so what that means is we are going to see a lot of tourism coming into the area," Recreational Marketing Director for the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau said. "People are going to be planning their trips and coming to Marquette because it is a ride center now."

      Representatives will receive the award at the IMBA World Summit later this month. Marquette County can now work to gain points to become a Silver Ride Center in the future.