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      Marquette County entrepreneurs learn how to build a better business

      It goes without saying that in the business world, you're going to want every advantage you can get, especially those you don't have to pay for. That's what drew business owners from all over Marquette County together under one roof Tuesday.

      Pure Michigan Business Connect, a program created by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, or MEDC, has joined forces with PR firm Weber Shandwick to provide free resources and information to Michigan businesses to help them improve relationships with their customers and ultimately become more profitable on their own terms.

      "it really depends on your individual strategy. It depends on what you're looking to accomplish as a business. What better way to do that, rather than paying upfront and hiring somebody out of the get-go, to work with a business that is offering that free information as really a starting point." said Pure Michigan Business Connect Director of Services Jake Schroeder.

      But not every tip was tried and true. As social media continues to evolve, business owners have become aware that they need to use it uniquely to connect with their consumers in more hands-on, personable ways.

      "We'd like to promote our business, y'know to show how we make our products, how it's a family business, how we supply employment to the community, how we give back to the community." said Casa Calabria Co-Owner Phil Johnson.

      Pure Michigan officials say their online business-to-business network, in addition to having a collection of free resources, will help Michigan businesses and even out-of-state businesses stay connected. Registration with the network is also free.

      To find out more about the network and available resources,click here.