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      Marquette County Fair is almost here

      It might not seem like much right now, but the Marquette County Fairgrounds will be hustling and bustling with people this weekend. A tradition for over 25 years, this is one of the few fairs in the state that is not owned or funded by the county it operates in.

      "Everything that they see out here, everything that's done out here is done by raising money through either the fair itself or other events that we have out here," said James Goriesky, President of the Marquette County Fair Board.

      That is pretty impressive when you really think about it. Running from Thursday until Sunday, there is quite a bit going on this weekend from the games, food, animals, and live entertainment, we've barely begun to scratch the surface.

      â??A lot of people come for the carnival, the carnival is only one piece. When you're going through, go down through the barns, there's usually the 4-H kids there and they've got their horses and lambs and cattle and they're more than happy to give you explanations of them," said Goriesky.

      This year a new company is providing the carnival rides and is setting up over 20 of them for everyone to enjoy. Let's not forget about live entertainment. Annie Wildgen, from Nashville, will perform at the gazebo on Friday and Vince Anthony on Saturday among others.

      All of the hard work the children in the 4-H club put into raising animals this summer finally pays off at the livestock awards followed by the auction.

      Jill Connin "My favorite is watching the youth coming up through the program, showing their animals, selling them at the livestock auction on Saturday. That sale starts at noon. It's a great time for you to buy local meat that's been humanely handled," said Jill Connin, Secretary of the Marquette County Fair Board.