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      Marquette County Police Officer of the Year announced

      The Marquette County Police Officer of the Year has been chosen as Sgt. Marty Munger of the Marquette City Police Department.

      Sgt. Munger was selected by the Marquette County Law Enforcement Administrators Association Monday. He was hired by the Marquette City Police Department in 1992 after serving in the Air Force.

      He worked for several years as an undercover detective on the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team, and is currently a certified K9 handler.

      Sgt. Munger's work and dedication has developed the K9 program into what it is today. Sgt. Munger, along with his previous K9, Nero, and current K9, Frodo, have attended many community functions involving both children and adults. He operates Frodo's Facebook page and has been witnessed passing out trading cards to kids throughout the community.

      The MCLEAA has cited these reasons for bestowing the Officer of the Year award to Sgt. Munger.