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      Marquette County Relay for Life continues through the night

      Relay For Life, a nationwide event organized to fight back against cancer, is a way for community members to get together and honor those who are battling the disease, as well as honor those who have passed.

      "We've had a lot of cancer in my family. My father's lost five siblings. And we've been doing this for five years now," said Melissa Hill, Relay for Life participant.

      Melissa Hill says being a part of Relay for Life is the least she can do for those who have been affected by cancer.

      She's had numerous family members either survive or pass away from cancer.

      She's camping out for the night with her friends and family, to honor those family members.

      "It's very emotional towards the end of the night, you know. My dad has cried on occasion and my son's like, 'why is grandpa crying?' You know, he doesn't quite get it yet. But it's a good experience, it brings everybody a lot closer. Makes you feel connected," said Hill.

      But it's not all somber.

      It's a celebration of life, as well.

      Over one hundred cancer survivors walked the survivor lap around Al Quaal park, receiving applause for their victory.

      There's also quite a bit to do.

      "We've got great fundraisers going on, like haircuts as you can see, food, all kinds of crafts, auctions, games. Something for everybody. And if you want to get involved in fighting cancer, this is probably one of the best things you can do. Just come out, be a part of the community, be a part of making a difference in the fight against cancer," said Carl Fulsher, American Cancer Society.

      But Hill says the best, yet emotional part of the whole event, is the lighting of the luminarias.

      She says her family have made quite a few of them.

      "It's nice to look at and they look beautiful, and then as you're walking, you see how many people have died compared to how many are in honor of the person still living., it's very emotional to see how many hundreds of bags...have passed away because of this terrible disease."

      Relay For Life is going on here at Al Quaal in Ishpeming until one o'clock Saturday afternoon.

      It's open to the public.

      The Fight Back Lap, which symbolizes the emotional commitment, begins at 11 a.m.

      Closing ceremonies start at 12:30p.m.

      The American Cancer Society has set their annual goal at $100,000.

      So far, they've raised about $60,000.