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      Marquette County Road Commission to take on traffic study

      The Marquette County Board voted Tuesday to have the Marquette County Road Commission (MCRC) begin work on a regional traffic study. The focus: the Marquette area and truck traffic. Last month Marquette Township held a joint informational meeting outlining a traffic study that would bring together all the concerned groups and municipalities. This stems from a proposed truck ordinance in the city of Marquette that would have had strict limits on weight and hours of operation.

      "The hope is that we can come up with some short- and long-term plans that will address future roadway needs and whether that is improving existing roads or building new roads and to have that plan available when funds become available," said Jim Iwanicki from the MCRC.

      Out of the discussion, Powell Township residents voiced their concerns for the upgrades to County Road 510 and the Triple A. They say the road is being designed for travel at 55 miles an hour, which they feel is too fast. The MCRC's next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., November 11 at their administrative office in Ishpeming. A public information meeting regarding County Road 510 and the Triple A will be held December 4 at the Powell Township Hall.