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      Marquette County Road Commission wants County Road 595

      The Marquette County Road Commission is pushing for a new road.

      At Monday night's monthly meeting, County Road 595 was the topic of discussion. It would connect Rio Tinto's Eagle Mine to the Humboldt Mill. County Road 595 would divert truck traffic from populated areas. At the meeting, the commission encouraged people to attend a public hearing on the the road, scheduled for August 28.

      "We're asking all the public to get out there and let the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) know what they think. The road commission believes that it's a good project, and we should be able to build this road. And if we can't built this road right now, there's no road in the U.P. that can ever be built again," said Jim Iwanicki, Engineer Manager for the Marquette County Road Commission.

      Opponents are concerned about the road's impact on the environment. The EPA's public hearing on the road commission's application for a permit is August 28 at 7 p.m. at the University Center on the campus of Northern Michigan University.