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      Marquette couple to make travel documentary series

      If you had two years of your life to travel anywhere, where would you go?

      "We want to go where the adventures are." says Steve Tatzmann.

      Tatzmann and his girlfriend Jessica Wolf will be traveling the country along with their dog, Winston.

      Starting June 2015, the pair will spend the next 24 months documenting their travels from their RV and releasing an episode of their travel documentary series every week. It is appropriately titled, 'Wandering with You'.

      "My favorite part is getting to do this with my best friend and getting to have these experiences with her." said Tatzmann.

      The pilot episode of 'Wandering with You' was released to show viewers what to expect from their journey.

      The pair will be meeting people in each place they go and telling their stories.

      "Getting to tell people's stories and getting to make a hero out of the everyday working man is definitely something I'm really excited about." said Tatzmann.

      Steve and Jessica want 'Wandering with You' to be a little something more than just a travel documentary.

      "That's really a message that I want to get out there is that life really can be whatever you want it to be and it's possible, there are ways. Where there is a will there is a way." said Wolf.

      The pair will spend the next year getting the word out for their travel series and letting people know what it's really about.

      "We really hope to inspire people to follow their passion, whatever that passion may be."said Tatzmann.

      "Life can be a very rich, fulfilling experience and we have all of the resources that we need really, truly at our fingertips." said Wolf.

      Steve and Jessica have a basic plan of where they are going, but who they will meet and what they will do is not set in stone.

      For them, keeping it spontaneous is part of the fun.