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      Marquette Downtown Farmers' Market offers new payment method

      The Downtown Marquette Farmers' Market has diversified it's payment methods for customers.

      Double Up Food Bucks is an alternative payment method for shoppers who qualify for and use a SNAP Bridge Card.

      The market manager applied for the $9,000 grant through the Fair Food Network and received the funds from the state.

      Bridge Card users will not spend the money that's already on their card, but the Double Up Food Bucks will be additional funds for them to use.

      "They come to the cashier's booth. We run the card for the amount they want and up to $20 with the double up food bucks we can match" says market manager, Myra Zyburt.

      You don't have to spend all the money in one day.

      Zyburt wants to get the word out so all of the money will be used.

      The market is located behind the Marquette Commons.