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      Marquette elementary student takes a big ride to school

      A Father Marquette Elementary School student got a special reward Tuesday morning.

      Ty Milkey, a second grader from Ellen Fassbender's class, was the school-wide winner in their Fire Prevention Week poster contest. So Tuesday morning, a fire truck from the Marquette City Fire Department picked Ty up from home and gave him a ride to school.

      'Sparky the Dog' was also along for the ride. Ty's winning poster was a map of his house, with two fire exits clearly marked.

      Ty said, "(Learning about fire prevention is important) so you can get out if your house is on fire."

      Fassbender added, "They never know when they're going to be caught in a fire. They need to know what are the rules of getting out safely, not only for themselves, but for their families."

      Winning students at other Marquette schools are also getting fire truck rides to school throughout the week.