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      Marquette eyes SAW Grant prize

      The city of Marquette is trying to get their portion of 97 million dollars in grant money from the state.

      The state of Michigan set aside the money for storm water, asset management and wastewater also known as SAW projects. Each community applying can receive up to two million dollars. The grants will be issued on a first come, first served basis, and many communities are expected to apply throughout the state. The Commission unanimously passed a resolution to apply for the grant.

      "It really gives the city the resources and the tools to better inventory their assets, it also identifies the critical needs, it really is a good planning tool for the decision makers," said Curt Goodman, Superintendent for the City's Water/Wastewater.

      The city of Negaunee is holding a special meeting Tuesday night regarding their SAW grant application. Once all applications are received, the money will be distributed over a three year period.