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      Marquette family supported by telethon

      Many of our everyday tasks in life, we take for granted like getting into a vehicle.

      It's not so easy for Phillip Hoffman. He was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of five."Even though they diagnosed years ago that he wouldn't be around, he's still here, still going," said Mike Hoffman, Phillip's father.Phillip spends his days like most of us, getting up, watching TV, and even using the computer to read e-books. His muscular dystrophy has progressed to the point where he needs to use a ventilator to breathe.

      Amidst all of these challenges that Phillip faces, his dad, who also works as his aide, sees success in his son's life."We were told he probably wouldn't live into his teens," Mike said. "He's now 33 years old and has been married to Lisa Hoffman for 8 years. They live here in their own apartment with aids around the clock. So they're doing okay."Phillip also graduated college with an associate's degree in Computer Information Systems.The Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon raises money for Phillip and others with muscular dystrophy every year. The donations help to fund clinical visits, wheelchair parts, and even a summer camp in Wisconsin for children with MD.And although there's no cure yet for the disease, the donated money also supports research into MD.Lisa hopes to give others with MD some hope for a bright future. "It is possible to have a fulfilling life with muscular dystrophy. The disease does not have to be a death sentence," said Lisa Hoffman, Phillip's wife. "You can reach your dreams and your goals through the help of your family and your friends. A fulfilling life is possible."The telethon airs Sunday, September 4 from 6 p.m. to midnight.