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      Marquette farm building hoophouse from the ground up

      A local farm is beginning work on a hoophouse to help both itself and the environment.

      Badger Creek Farm in Marquette received a grant from the Environmental Quality Incentive Program to build a hoophouse to prevent soil erosion and, more importantly for the farm and the surrounding area, extend its growing season.

      "Basically, it...this will have a bunch of tail arches on it and then be covered in plastic and so it'll create basically a greenhouse inside where it helps the ambient temperatures stay warmer inside of the hoophouse versus outside." said farm owner Mike Hainstock.

      Hainstock invited the community to help build the hoophouse, but attendance was not what he expected.

      He'll be holding another group work session for the hoophouse August 24th during the Marquette Food Co-Op's tour of his farm.

      His grant terms state the structure must be completed by September 1st.