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      Marquette Food Co-op moving

      The Marquette Food Co-op is moving to a new location, but they need help from their members to accomplish the move.

      The Co-op will be moving to 500 and 502 West Washington Street, hopefully in the fall. In order to get there, the Co-op recently received approval from the state to sell shares of preferred stock.

      If the Co-op is able to sell 1,000 shares for $1,000 per share to their members, enough capital will be raised to fund the move and expansion of the store.

      "It's a dividend situation. We'll pay four percent dividend to our members on the purchase of their shares, so it's a really great deal for everybody involved," said Matt Gougeon, General Manager for the Marquette Food Co-op.

      The new building will be triple the size of the old one and will include a full service deli and a fresh meat department as well.

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