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      Marquette Food Co-op needs help

      As the Marquette Food Co-op prepares to expand and relocate, it still needs help from its owners in the community. In order to make the changes, they need at least 50 percent approval from the owners. More than 1,500 signatures are required; they only need 150 more.

      "If you're a member of the Marquette Food Co-op and you have not signed your consent form yet, please do so by going to the website or going to that big pile of papers on your kitchen table where you tucked the envelope away. Get it out and send it back to us, please," said Matt Gougeon, Manager at the Marquette Food Co-op.

      In addition to approving the expansion, the food co-op is also seeking to create additional shares of the company. If you are one of the owners and want to electronically sign your consent form, click here.