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      Marquette freshmen learn hard lessons about impaired driving

      Thousands of people in the U.S. die untimely deaths due to drunk driving accidents every year.

      This year, Impaired Driving Awareness Week, which is designed to warn people of the dangers of drunk driving, falls just in time for prom season.

      Freshmen at Marquette Senior High School are learning valuable lessons about impaired driving, so they can make smart decisions behind wheel.

      The idea of safe driving seems logical, but the rising statistics of lives affected by drunk or distracted driving prove that not everyone is following the rules.

      Every year in this country over 12,000 people die and 900,000 are arrested as a result of drunk driving.

      Officials here in Marquette County say they want to inform students so they don't become statistics.

      "If we can touch one person, make any difference in their life at this age to realize how expensive, how it is an avenue they do not want to go down, it is worth it" says Susan Wilson, Marquette County Magistrate.