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      Marquette gathering place gone, but not forgotten

      Former employees of the Northwoods Supper Club got together Friday night for a reunion. The Northwoods Supper Club served as a staple of fine dining in the Upper Peninsula for more than 60 years. It closed in 2006 and left many of the employees feeling like they never had a chance to say goodbye.

      "Really it was a combination of the atmosphere, the wonderful food, and the fabulous people that worked there, and that's what this reunion is about is to get all those fabulous people, the various generations, together," said Maggie Mahoney, the reunion organizer. "You know, this is our chance to get together and relive those wonderful memories that we have of the place, and what a great extended family we've become."

      The group has activities planned all weekend. Saturday they'll meet at the Marquette Golf Club for dinner and live music. The event begins at 6 p.m. and the cost is $25. Sunday, a memorial is planned as well as a brunch at Presque Isle Park.