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      Marquette General Hospital joins Duke Heart Network

      Marquette General Hospital announced Friday that it has joined the Duke Heart Network, linking it to the Duke Heart Center.

      MGH officials say affiliation with the network has been in the works since Duke LifePoint Healthcare purchased the hospital in 2012. The Duke Heart Center is located in Durham, N.C.

      "I cannot overstate what an incredible milestone joining the Duke Heart Network is for our hospital and the U.P. region we serve," said Ed Banos, MGH CEO. "It represents many months of careful planning by MGH, LifePoint and Duke. We are very proud of our existing heart program, and with this affiliation will come capabilities for our medical staff to provide a truly unsurpassed level of care for our patients."

      MGH hopes to receive assistance in areas of advanced cardiovascular procedure development through affiliation with the heart network.

      "In addition to our physicians having access to Duke colleagues who have experience in areas we don't see often, from a physician standpoint we will gain Duke insight into establishing new programs that enhance quality, access and patient safety," said William Jean, MD, MGH Cardiologist.