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      Marquette gets ready to get the blues

      Mattson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette is prepared to be packed with people this weekend as organizers set up for the 9th annual Blues Fest.

      Crews were busy Friday setting up pavilions, stages, and food stands, all in preparation for the fest that kicks off Saturday at noon. The festival lasts all weekend, and will be hosting 10 bands ranging from local acts to even performers that have played internationally.

      Don't worry if you haven't purchased a ticket yet because they will be selling them at the gate.

      ??We wanted to bring the music here because sometimes these performers don't make it all the way up here,?? said Promotions Coordinator Walt Lindala. ??So, by doing something like this, it gives the community a chance to experience music they may not get to see. Plus, all the vendors and gift shops that we got.??

      The festival wraps up around 10 p.m. on Sunday.