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      Marquette girl recognized for saving great-grandmother's life

      One ten-year-old Marquette girl got a big surprise at her birthday party today

      An ambulance with lights and sirens blaring showed up at the party, with a special greeting for Arlie.

      She was presented by EMS with the Life-Saving Award for saving her great-grandmother.

      Last November, Arlie Kulbeida was about to go to lunch with her family.

      But then, her Great-Grandma Katie started to act strange.

      "She just sort of fell and she couldn't talk and she was shaking a lot. And I sort of panicked inside my head and then I was like, 'okay, I know what to do,'" said Kulbeida.

      Arlie dialed 911 on her grandma's phone, and was able to get an ambulance on the way.

      Arlie's family says if she hadn't taken action like she did, Great-Grandma Katie may not be here today.

      It ended up being high blood pressure that sent her to the hospital, but 92-year-old Great-Grandma Katie is doing well now.