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      Marquette grads get ready

      The caps and gowns, the Pomp and Circumstance, the stage is set for the Marquette Senior High School graduating class of 2014. Some very jubilant seniors filled Lakeview Arena Thursday afternoon for their graduation ceremony practice. 205 seniors will be crossing the stage Sunday to get their diplomas. The students and staff had nothing but good things to say about this years class.

      "The class of 2014 has just been a great group of kids, I'm going to miss them," said MSHS Principal Bob Anthony. "If I had one word that would describe them it's probably just character and they have just the greatest character, integrity, just a great bunch of students."

      "My classmates have a lot of heart, a lot of inspiration to go out and do things in the world, make a difference, be the change and they're great people to work with," said David Bashaw, MSHS Senior. "Every single one of them is nice, they're caring and they're there for one another."

      The ceremony begins Sunday June 1 at 2 p.m. at the Lakeview Arena.