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      Marquette High School graduate makes it to Hollywood

      An Upper Peninsula native who now works in Hollywood came close to winning a Golden Globe recently.

      Catherine Apple graduated from Marquette High School back in 1981 and went on to become an animation artist in Hollywood.

      She was the film editor for "Hotel Transylvania" which was one of the films nominated for best animated film.

      Apple says she's proud to be a film editor for the big screen, but says Marquette will always be her home.

      "I was very excited watching it that night, hoping we'd win, but we didn't. But it was great to be nominated. It's great to be out here, but it's great to have a place like Marquette to call home. I'm very proud to come to the U.P., and I love going back home," said Catherine Apple, film editor.

      "Hotel Transylvania" is also nominated for multiple Annie Awards which highlights outstanding animated feature films.

      Apple also worked on other popular animated films, "Chicken Little" and "El Dorado".