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      Marquette High School teacher honored

      A Marquette High School teacher has been named National Teacher of the Year in the Career Choices program.

      Becky Simmons is a science teacher. She earned the award because of her work in the Career Choices program both in and outside school.

      It's a course that teaches students how to plan for their future. It makes students figure out what career they want, and if it's enough to support them.

      "It's a great thing to be recognized on a national level for something you work so hard for locally. It has been great to have community support for the program all year long. I kind of feel it's an award, not just for me, but for our entire teaching community and the Marquette community because they really have supported this program," said Simmons.

      Simmons says she has some new, exciting plans for the program this year. She's also hoping to get the program extended from freshman to seniors.