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      Marquette in slow motion

      There is a new video highlighting downtown Marquette that has a lot of people talking. The video is a time lapse of iconic images in the area like the ore dock and the county courthouse.

      Jason Hulet is the man behind the camera. He is a real estate photographer from Traverse City who happened to be visiting Marquette last weekend.

      For each image, Hulet stood in one place for 15 minutes and took multiple pictures, each with a different camera setting. Over 20,000 images were taken, but Hulet could not use them all.

      It took twelve hours to process the images and create the video.

      "I was just real excited to get down into the city and just capture what's down there, and I find when I do this, it's a way to really take a slow look at Marquette. I love the shoreline. I love the marina. I just like that kind of stuff," said Hulet.

      Hulet said he is hoping to get his video on the Pure Michigan website. If you are interested in seeing the video, click here.