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      Marquette Junior Golf Leagued tees off

      Wednesday morning was the start of the Marquette County Junior Golf Association's summer Junior Golf League.

      The younger division of eight and nine year-olds, teed off at the Gentz Homestead Golf Course in Harvey.

      This group attends twice a week to play a five-hole course.

      All of the young, golf hopefuls work at different aspects of the game throughout the summer including driving and swing.

      "It's just fun to watch them have a good time, a little success and a lot of these kids just don't play golf. They play baseball, hockey, basketball" says Board Member, Al Hauptman.

      Jake Johnson, 10, plays football and basketball in addition to golf. He adds, "I'll probably want to go to the pro level because it's really fun. I love golfing."

      The Junior Golf League goes all summer until August 4th.