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      Marquette looking towards closure on Cliffs-Dow site

      The city of Marquette got some good news about their property located at the former Cliffs-Dow site, chemical contamination data is trending down. City Officials, Commissioners and Engineers were part of an update regarding the site located along Lake Superior in Marquette. The city purchased the the land back in 1997. More than 800 cubic yards of contaminated soil were removed from the Cliffs-Dow site in 2011.

      The property was used for industrial purposes until 1968 by Cliffs-Dow Chemical Company. Wood tar was the byproduct of their operations and has caused most of the contamination. New data though, says the level of contamination in that area is trending down.

      "What we did is we evaluated the data from the short term, mid-term and a long term prospective and particularly when comparing the data from 2009 with what we have recently we've seen some significant downward trends and that is particularly good news," said Richard Baron, Special Counsel for the City of Marquette.

      The city is also discussing breaking the site into three smaller parcels of land. The Lakeshore Boulevard project could also have an impact on the site. That plan would move the road farther inland and raise the road. That move would add more clean fill on top of the site.