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      Marquette looks at how art fits in within city plan

      The city of Marquette is taking a look at how they can bring its arts and culture into the city's long-term plans.

      The city commission has hired two consultants to work with city officials and members of the Marquette art community. Christine Harris is one of those consultants brought in to develop a plan for linking creative businesses, city art projects, and artists. On Wednesday, she met with city officials in Marquette. Harris says the first step in the eight-month process is listening.

      "We start from the strengths of the assets--what've you got here, what's working well, what can be developed--and then we also look at some of the challenges, what might be barriers to success," said Harris. "But we want to build on what's actually here; leverage and connect the dots to other activities that are going on around in the community. How do we pull all these parts together so that they fit within the overall master plan of the city?"

      Harris added there will be chances for public input, including town hall meetings, during their consultation with Marquette. The city paid about $17,000 for the services of both consultants.