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      Marquette looks at sign ordinance

      Electronic signs could soon be on the way out in the city of Marquette. At Monday's meeting, the City Commission approved new amendments to its sign ordinance as recommended by the city's Planning Commission. The changes include more clearly identifying historic signs as well as size restrictions. Commissioners have tasked the planning commission with taking a closer look at the policy for electronic messaging centers within the city.

      "What this is going to do is formalize some things in the sign ordinance so that things are done the way they should be done and there are some rules and regulations that apply," said City Commissioner Don Ryan. "One area we're getting a lot of feedback is about the electronic message centers; this is not included in this ordinance. There's so much interest, the Planning Commission is going to address that separately, and it will come back to us."

      A majority of the commissioners said they were opposed to electronic message centers in the downtown Marquette area. The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for June 4.