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      Marquette looks into structure of old ore dock

      The Marquette City Commission is getting ready to find out how structurally sound the ore dock in Marquette's Lower Harbor is. At Monday's regular meeting, the commission approved a bid from Marquette-based GEI Consultants to evaluate the condition of the dock. The project will cost the city $78,000 and should be completed in one year. Commissioners say this is just the first step to see if there are potential uses for the ore dock in the future.

      "We've talked about, are there things that could be done with the dock? Should it be restored in some way; not that the city is specifically looking at any projects, but before anything is done, we decided we should determine what is the structural integrity of the dock itself," said Commissioner Don Ryan. "It looks very strong and very mammoth above the water, but, for example, what's going on under the water?"

      The commission also evaluated the performance of City Manager Bill Vajda and the city's attorney. Both received positive reviews, and the commission approved a 2.35 percent pay increase for the city manager, bringing his salary to just under $125,000.