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      Marquette man discovers dead diver

      A Marquette man discovered the dead body of a diver Tuesday afternoon while scuba diving at Rye Back Beach in Australia.

      9 News Australia reports that the man drowned at 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon while scuba diving along the beach. They add that two divers came across the man and said he was wedged underneath the rock.

      The men tried to free him quickly and when they pulled him up to the surface, his air regulator had been shut off. Once the man was dragged to the surface, CPR was attempted but it was too late.

      "When we saw that there was another diver and he was floating on his back, he was underneath the ledge," Marquette resident Robert Welker told 9 News. "We tried to pull him out from underneath the ledge where he was caught. So I went in and his regulator was caught under some rocks."

      It's still unknown whether the man was an experienced diver. Reports from 9 News indicated that the conditions were moderate at the beach; however it isn't patrolled by life guards.

      Police are still in the process of notifying the next of kin.