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      Marquette Marathon a success

      By all measures, the Marquette Marathon this past weekend was the best year yet for the event. Nearly 900 racers participated in the Boston Marathon qualifier. This year the marathon expanded the number of events to make for two days of races.

      Twenty-seven percent of the field of racers qualified for the Boston Marathon set for next April. Organizers also got great feedback about the event from the racers, many of whom came from out of town.

      "Every single person that I spoke to and the committee talked to, the number one thing was they love Marquette," said Race Director Jeri Mommaerts. "The reason they came is because they heard such fantastic things about, not just our race, but our town and the people in it and how supportive everyone is."

      Organizers are working on major changes for next year's race. They plan to have the race go from Ishpeming to Marquette along the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.