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      Marquette Marathon donation recipients

      Three non-profit Marquette County organizations got the surprise of a lifetime when they were each given a large donation to help with expenses.

      "We are thrilled to announce that we were able to donate a total of $17,000; $8,000 went to both the Blueprint for Health and the Music Department, and $1,000 went to the Camp Star childhood bereavement camp, and that was from the proceeds from the kids' race," said Marquette Marathon Race Director, Jeri Mommaerts.

      The three recipients of the Marquette Marathon donations were ecstatic about receiving such gracious gifts.

      But the most wonderful gift of all? The memories they have of giving back to their community.

      Director of Band at Marquette Senior High School, Matt Ludwig, says the students are very excited about being chosen by the marathon and cherish the thought that they helped others.

      "The fact that high school students can do something really positive to help the community was great, but the fact that it was a good way that the money was coming back to them, it's just a great feeling of community, I guess, is the best word to describe it. We try to build a sense of community in our ensembles, but to actually feel it out there in Marquette and have the community's support at the same time is really special."

      All of the proceeds that the Music Department received go to the little things that get costly over time to the students, like reeds for their wind instruments.

      Blueprint for Health, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping overweight children lead a healthier lifestyle, received a large donation as well.

      Dr. John Bartlett, the Medical Director for Blueprint for Health, says the organization was very excited and proud to be chosen, and the money will help them purchase expensive equipment that is needed for the program.

      "There are certain pieces of equipment that we use in checking out children and their health, so we check their height and weight, so a scale, of course. Something that we just purchased that some of this money will be used for is something called a BIA Machine, and it measures body fat percentage in children," said Bartlett.

      The remaining portion of the money will be used to help cover the cost of expense for the child if a family's insurance does not.

      The fourth annual Marquette Marathon is planned for August 31, 2013. This year the marathon is partnering with the Noquemenon Trail Network, which will benefit both organizations and help them grow and give more back to the community.

      For information on how to become a beneficiary for this year's race, click here.