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      Marquette mom steps up to stop bullying

      One Marquette mother is taking the initiative to help put a stop to bullying.

      Catherine Quayle is independently working to raise funds to bring World Champion Martial Artist, 19-year-old Mariah Moore, to schools in the U.P. Moore was bullied as a child and now travels the country offering a powerful anti-bullying message and presentation to kids of all ages. The goal of the Anti-Bullying Assembly Tour is to stop the hate and heal the hurt.

      Quayle wants this to be a positive experience for kids and also to debunk the myths about ant-bullying tactics like learning martial arts. "I think that this is a new way to present this message with a martial artist. Most of the time people associate martial arts with fighting and that is absolutely not the case. Martial arts is about knowing how to not get in a fight," said Quayle.

      Quayle has already raised $3,500, which is half of the cost to bring this assembly to schools in the U.P. through the help of individual donations and local sponsors. She wants to raise the remaining $3,500 by November 11.

      Donations can be made out to Marquette Rotary Club and sent to Catherine Quayle at:

      201 Rublein Street, Suite BMarquette, Michigan 49855