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      Marquette Music Scene website has local music scoop

      Marquette Music Scene is a website devoted to listing the venues where local artists and bands will be performing in Marquette and Neguanee.

      Sites like Ticket Master can tell you about big-named, marquee artists coming in concert, but Marquette Music Scene has the scoop on the city's local music scene that might otherwise go un-noticed.

      "I had gone to Flannigans on a Friday night to watch the band that was there with a couple of friends of mine. I'd posted some pictures on Face Book and somebody said they wish they'd known about the event " says site operator, Cindy Engle.

      Musicians are able to find out about open mic nights at venues in Marquette and Negaunee as well as see where his fellow musicians would be playing.

      Marquette Music Scene gives featured musicians exposure, bringing in larger crowds.

      "It's such a small area, it's hard to generate a crowd, and it's no fun playing to a dead room when nobody's in there" says The Day Dreamers drummer, Nicklas Johnson.

      Empty venues discredit a local music scene flowing with great talent.

      "The talent in the area is huge. We have some amazing, amazing performers in this area and amazing guitar players, amazing mandolin players and drummers" adds Engle.