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      Marquette parks developing goose problem

      Parks and shoreline throughout Marquette may be developing a goose problem.

      A lot of goose droppings and geese hanging around parks have become an issue. The Marquette Police Department has procedures to manage the geese. They use a scatter gun which makes a loud banging noise to scare the geese away.

      "We live in the U.P., I mean it's kind of hard not to have droppings anywhere you go, especially at the Mattson Harbor, the parks," says Animal Control Officer David Schneiderhan. "I mean it's very hard for us to 100% control it so you just got to be aware of your surroundings and watch where you're going."

      A Michigan state ordinance does prohibit anyone from feeding the geese. Officers say this has not been a problem, but if caught you will be issued a ticket.