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      Marquette police remind drivers of winter parking ban

      The City of Marquette has written more than 340 overnight tickets since the beginning of the parking ban.

      The ban took effect Nov. 1, but tickets were not issued until the city's first significant snowfall which came in late December. T he amount of tickets the past two months is similar to last year.

      Officials say drivers tend to forget about the ban, but they become more conscious of it as more snow falls.

      "When we park on the streets during the day and the significant snowfall like we've been experiencing in the last couple days, you'll see where plows have to go around the cars that are parked on the street, thus leaving a large amount of snow, so when there's no vehicles on the road, especially during the overnight hours, the plows can really clear the roads effectively," said Capt. Blake Reiboldt of the Marquette City Police.

      The parking ban is in effect until April 1. Drivers will be written a $50 ticket between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.